Book a Personalised Body Pain Assessment

Personalised Body Pain Assessment - During this 60 minute session, you can look forward to finally getting a full body assessment; I'll look at

  • your posture and alignment
  • how you walk
  • what happens when you breathe
  • can you find neutral in your spine
  • can you mobilise your spine segmentally 

The aim is to assess the state of your spine and nervous system because when they don't work well, your balance, coordination and function are impacted and that's when pain patterns occur.

This assessment will allow us to uncover WHAT isn't working within your body

You'll walk away knowing why your body hurts, and I'll explain how, using the unique range of methods that I can use, you can get out pain for good with a treatment plan that is tailored to you.

What People Are Saying:

On a fateful night in Oct 2020, I had a serious fall at an indoor climbing facility. I broke several bones in my ankle: tibia, fibula lateral and medial malleolus. I had surgery and was fitted with two metal plates and several pins (twenty-two in total). I had four months of intensive physio (twice a week) to learn how to walk! After the green light from the surgeon that I can start to jog I felt that I need to work on my core as I felt that I am weak and unbalanced. I did not experience any particular pain but I know from past experience that after trauma the body isn’t the same and needs to be re-balanced again otherwise it will end up having more injuries. I also read that injuries in the limbs will lead to more injuries if the core is not strong enough and fairly balanced. Johdi identified the issues ie which muscle or tendon or nerves were weak and how to strengthen them with no brain movement and few repetitions (5 to start with). I have been given very easy ways to test my balance to see whether I am on the right track etc.. I learned (or relearned) how to walk! I received very strong moral support! Everything, every movement was targeted to address specific issues and they are all no brainer sort of thing! I have to sometimes refrain myself from overdoing some movements! In addition to the ease of the movements I have to do, most importantly I was listened to and I was provided with adequate solutions and support. Some extremely helpful mental tips were also part of the package! I now feel much better than when I came in at the start. There are a couple of movements that I could not do which I can now do with ease and grace (and a smile). Whenever I feel the need, I just get back to the videos, links and numerous tips to get on my feet! Working with Johdi is an investment for your health (physically and mentally) and really worth it! It is different from the usual/typical no pain no gain type of thing that we are so used to. Expect to work differently but efficiently. Consistency/regularity in the programme is key!


Johdi understands each problem and takes time to find out where it is stemming from so that you can manage and/or correct wrong postures and habits. She is very professional and approachable, and her sparkling personality makes it easy for anyone to work with her


Before working with Johdi, I was experiencing increasing aches and pains in my knees, ankles, and back and a general feeling of a body aging faster than I want it to. Johdi helped me to understand how the various parts of the body are connected and how pain in one area may actually be coming from a problem in another area. Johdi also showed me how to increase the amount of vegetables I eat and how to eat in a way that makes me feel healthy and more energetic. What I loved most was the personal and open way that Johdi encouraged me to open up about my feelings. I always felt safe to share my thoughts and feelings. I really appreciated that you looked at the whole person (physical and mental) and not just at an isolated problem that needed to be fixed. Overall, I would say that I am now healthier and have more energy. I have a better understanding of the need to exercise regularly and in a way that is appropriate for me. I have a toolbox of resources to help me with specific exercise programmes that address what I actually need. The more you share with Johdi and the more you think about and around any issues you have, the more you will get out of the programme. We all have the answers to our issues within us and Johdi can help you to find these answers.


300.00 CHF

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