You’ve Been Brainwashed - And It’s Making You Chubby and Slow


Throw out that punishing cardio routine. Stop with the Plank Challenges already. And enough of the whole My Body is a Temple bollocks! It’s time for something new.


Sad news time: you've been brainwashed. By your mid 30’s, you've absorbed a shit load of crap advice from TV, magazines, and pop science books all about what constitutes good health, fitness and well-being practices, and honestly???
Most of that advice is bollocks. The majority of the ideas are ineffective. Worst of all? Some of it is actually dangerous.
Let’s cut through the crap. People, grab your chainsaws.
In this bingeable 20-minute course, I'll show you what actually works so you can say goodbye to  the gimmicks, the fads and the latest crazes and get some effective, long-lasting habits established. You can also bid a fond farewell to any outdated coping mechanisms.
Lastly, we’ll light a match to the old-fashioned ideas about how polite society wants you to behave because we no longer have time for other people’s ideals. ...Or polite society. 🖕
You'll walk away with a simpler, smarter and more satisfying way of approaching your health and wellness.


...All in under 20 minutes.


*There's plenty of swearing in this course, so make sure to grab headphones or put the kids away, unless you'd like for them to refine their vocabulary with some very colourful word combinations.
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