Finally uncover the root cause of your pain!

(*And then fix it so that it doesn't come back again!)


There 5 Little Known ways that you are unintentionally intensifying your pain each and every day. Want to know what to do to eliminate your symptoms for good?


To get long term relief from your physical pain, you need to re-pattern your movements from the place where they originate in the brain. That's what my skill set enables me to do for you. It's why my clients enjoy lasting, unparalleled results.

You are not in pain because you are getting old! And I see you trying to help yourself with;

  • Daily core -strengthening workouts given to you by a well-meaning physio who’s convinced you that abs of steel will fix the problem.

  • Repeated stretching sequences that your massage therapist suggested for your ‘too tight’ Psoas muscle, or maybe that pesky Piriformis Syndrome that’s been plaguing you.

  • A whole series of specialist appointments, cortisone injections and MRI scans to see what you can do about the herniated disc in your L4- L5 region.

  • Custom-made insoles for your painful feet, or date for an operation for your wrists that are riddled with carpa tunnel syndrome.

But  you are feeling old before your time, and you're being failed by the traditional methods of treatment because your pain clears for a bit.. and then it comes back. Or worse, your pain just doesn’t go away at all!

What you really need is to

  • Get treated properly, from the root cause of the problem, rather than deal (unsuccessfully) with the symptoms alone.

  • Invest in a personalised, end-to-end programme designed for your unique issues, instead of wasting time with an ad-hoc, session-to-session approach.

  • Learn how your body is actually designed to work, rather than how you think/you've been told it should work.

Like this, you get out of pain, and are then able to keep yourself pain free, as well as prevent future injuries.

I'll give you total clarity on what's happening and what to do about it. 

I use a revolutionary process that will rewire your movement patterns from where they originate in your brain so that you can finally get rid of the pain in your

  • Head

  • Jaw

  • Neck

  • Shoulder

  • Arm

  • Hand

  • Groin

  • Hip

  • Leg

  • Knee

  • Foot  

The N.A.I.R Framework is a powerful range of modalities that I have travelled the world to learn and which is at the heart of my success. It will get you out of pain, keep you out of pain, and prevent further injuries. I tailor the blend of these methods to bring you the biggest, most long-lasting shifts in the shortest space of time. 

It's an effective, efficient and progressive process that my clients like to call 'MAGIC!'

Hi! I'm Johdi.

I'm a former elite athlete, a high-powered, Corporate Communications Manager, and movement geek turned Restorative Movement Specialist who's survived the loss of a child, who's had enough surgery to rival Michael Jackson, may he rest in peace, and who's coming to terms with having a child who has Crohn's Disease, and a mother who died slowly from Alzheimer's...

Here's 25 reasons why you want to work with me, and no, they're not what you think.

"Are you reading my mind? This is not the first time that I receive an email from you, addressing exactly my current feelings and obviously formulating it much nicer and crispier than I could have done it. This starts to feel spooky…."


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