Stop Feeling Fat, Frumpy and F*%cked off!

And start regaining your mobility, your mojo and your mind, godammit!






So, here you are feeling bloated, brain-fogged and beaten down at 40+.  You think that you've tried everything possible to

  • end your aching, painful body with endless visits to the chiro, osteo, physio or local gym.

  • build a more positive outlook on life with self control, will power, and countless minutes of meditation.

  • shed that extra weight by following uber- restrictive diets and calorie-counting like a crazy person!

Well, think again.

And, know that you are in the right place, and that now is that right time to put the past behind you. Let's not dredge up past failures, your difficult teen years, or your dysfunctional childhood, shall we? Let's just bloody get you  finally moving forward with the expert help and support that you know you need.

Because nobody else combines my unique  skills and super powers into a powerful, custom-built transformation that treats you from the INSIDE out, rather than the other way around, like others do.

You get a look at your health from every possible angle, so that you finally understand how your mind and body are all connected.

What this means is that you become an empowered, active partner on the journey to get

  • strong in your body

  • slim in your jeans

  • serene in your mind.


"Johdi offers the right approach to overwhelmed women to break free from indecisiveness and stagnation and step into a healthy future they design for themselves. Johdi is a real inspiration with her down to earth practical guidance step by step...covering all aspects of life - physical, mental, emotional... She knows and can easily show you the your perfect self."



Work with me online, or in person.

I'll take all your health and well-being worries and wonderings off your plate.

You'll get a clean, clear path to follow so that you build an amazing system of sustainable, healthy habits.

Everything we do is  designed and developed with you in mind.

And the best part?

It's yours for the keeping, long after we've finished working together, because it's your new autopilot for your life ever onwards- no mess, no fuss, no drama!



"Johdi can help in so many aspect of your life - we worked together on movement, nutrition, emotion, logistics, it was like having a personal trainer, a personal meal planner, a therapist and a personal assistant all in one. She catered movement sessions to my postpartum body, wracked after four kids; she worked with and around my picky eating habits to help create healthier ones; she guided me through meditations and talked me through past issues on a range of issues, from family to sex; and she helped me optimize my daily schedule to best reflect what was important to me and my values! She even optimized my walk, which was awesome!"

My clients enjoy lasting, unparalleled results because I take a revolutionary and rebellious route to the otherwise very boring, very ineffective methods that you'll find elsewhere in the Health & Fitness World.

So you get to finally relax and let go of the outdated information, as well as your old operating models ... yay!

And you get to really begin to use the latest science and research findings to your advantage. Thank f*ck for that!

You also get to lean on the pure pragmatism of my own personal, tried and trusted systems to revamp, regenerate and reset

  • Your body

  • Your mind

  • Your diet

So that, by the time we're finished working together, you know

  • what actually works for you

  • how you can keep building on all your gains

  • why you're bothering even after I'm not there to keep you accountable!

Hi! I'm Johdi

I'm a former elite athlete, a high-powered, Corporate Communications Manager, and movement geek turned Restorative Movement Specialist who's survived the loss of a child, who's had enough surgery to rival Michael Jackson, may he rest in peace, and who's coming to terms with having a child who has Crohn's Disease, and a mother who's dying slowly from Alzheimer's...

Here's my story

You will be blown away by how quickly you start to feel better, and amazed at the long-lasting results that others will begin to compliment you on!

Because, no, this it not too good to be true, this is definitely possible for you because this is exactly what happens when you work with me!


"Are you reading my mind? This is not the first time that I receive an email from you, addressing exactly my current feelings and obviously formulating it much nicer and crispier than I could have done it. This starts to feel spooky…."


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