It's time you got properly assessed once and for all!

Finally uncover the root cause of your pain and treat it so that it doesn't come back again.


This 60 minute session is especially designed for people who are struggling with pain and poor movement. 

You can expect to finally understand why your body hurts and what you can do about it.



Solutions to resolve pain and poor movement that are tailored to your unique body!

To get lasting, sustainable results, you need to re-pattern your movements from the place where they originate in the brain, and that's what my skill set enables me to do for you.

That's what different about my approach; not only do I treat your dysfunctional, pain-causing movement patterns where they originate, in the Motor Control Centre of the brain, I then take the time to progressively build your body back so that it is balanced and functional again.

It's a process that my clients call 'MAGIC!'.

A Body Tuning Session is an incredible opportunity to get a taste of how I work!


What's included in a personalised body pain assessment?

  • 60 minute 1:1 session in person, or online

  • 1x Gait Assessment Scan I can see how each phase of the way you walk is right or wrong, and what kind of signal that is sending to the rest of your body.

  • 1x Consultation into your pain and its root cause Years of advanced studies in Human Anatomy and Dissection mean that I have X-ray vision which allows me to peel back your skin in my mind's eye, to be able to hone in on the underlying muscle groups involved in those faulty movement patterns.

  • A treatment plan I have a unique range of skills that help me to assess precisely which muscles are working too much, and which muscles are not working enough so that I know where to release tension, and where to encourage a muscle to work harder.

Let me introduce you to the N.A.I.R Framework. This is at the heart of my success. It consists of a range of modalities that I have travelled the world to learn about and that I blend together to bring you the biggest, most long-lasting shifts in the shortest space of time. 
These tools enable me to rewire your movement patterns from where they originate in your brain so that you can finally say goodbye to your head, neck, arm, back, shoulder, hip, knee and foot pain!

Come on into my office in Gland, or let's meet online.


I wasn't always this Body Pain Miracle Worker with loads of happy clients talking about the magic powers of my methodology, because

  • I was the only person who'd helped them get out of decades-long pain
  • I was the single practitioner who'd taken the time to help them to understand why their hip always hurt and what to do about it,
  • My methods were so simple and effective that the process of healing was actually enjoyable and enriching all at the same time. 

In fact, I was just a Pilates Instructor, struggling to bring long-lasting freedom from pain to my clients who were coming to my classes. Often these clients were in class STILL in pain, but there on the back of a referral from well-meaning physios who didn't know how else to help, and after many months of manual therapy?!

And I quickly realised that no amount of core strength training, tone, or flexibility was helping them get out and stay out of a body that continued to hurt.

So I went looking for different ways to treat pain, heal all manner of physical dysfunctions, and bring the human body back to balance.

And now I want to help you get out of pain and stay out of pain using these exact same methods.

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"This is a great Go-To place either when all conventional approaches have been tried, OR when a problem first turns up, as it may well get resolved here without medical intervention. Complex issues are dealt with very professionally but in a fun, relaxed way, and on a completely personalised basis. Johdi will take endless trouble to find the right solutions for you as an individual. Don't hesitate - I'm glad I didn't!"


"Johdi can help in so many aspect of your life - we worked together on movement, nutrition, emotion, logistics, it was like having a personal trainer, a personal meal planner, a therapist and a personal assistant all in one. She catered movement sessions to my postpartum body, wracked after four kids; she worked with and around my picky eating habits to help create healthier ones; she guided me through meditations and talked me through past issues on a range of issues, from family to sex; and she helped me optimize my daily schedule to best reflect what was important to me and my values! She even optimized my walk, which was awesome!"


"I came to Johdi to help me with my stiff back and shoulder, and to regain some flexibility that I’d lost in my pelvis. But, Johdi’s ability to create trust without any effort and her straight forward attitude means that she’s also been able to help me with other areas of my life that I’ve been struggling with. She's great, full of positive attitude, and she gets right into the pain points - both mentally and physically! You feel confident that she'll help you find a path through whatever it is with a myriad of tools to fall back on. There's also no obvious comparison to anyone else as her attention is all on you and getting you set up for life with a tailor-made toolkit for your unique circumstances!"


"If you're ready to experience a serious body and mind revamp, Johdi is your woman! After getting seriously frustrated with a pain in my leg that noone seemed to know how to help me with, Johdi and her toolbox full of tricks & suggestions, helped me to finally feel that I was in the right place! Now, I'm able to build on my gains and I'm continuing to work with Johdi in realigning my body to get to a place where I feel strong and mobile. So if you too are ready to experience the relief of knowing that you'll never EVER again have to live with mysterious pain, and all that emotional upheaval that comes with that, don't think twice, hire Johdi, she's flexible, knowledgeable, understanding and fun. You won't regret it! "


"I have had issues with my back, shoulder and posture for years, without anyone really getting to the root of the problems - until I met Johdi! Johdi has sorted out these issues and she has set me up with a set of tailored exercise/movement programs and tools so I know what issues and areas to continue working on moving forward. She is very passionate, positive, energetic, engaged, motivating and overall fun to work with and she works wonders! "


"Before working with Johdi, I struggled with my weight and controlling what I was eating, the constant aches and pains in my body, as well as my inability to just put a weekly routine in place and then stick to it, were also really frustrating me! Since working with Johdi for 3 months, I have lost 7kgs, my body feels much less painful, and I’m much happier in myself. The holistic approach toward body and mind together with the ability to listen, and focus on what is really bothering you, are the key to success when working with Johdi. She will definitely bring you where you want to be!"


"Johdi takes the time to listen to your problems and she looks at you as a whole not just where the pain is. She takes her time to work through it all with you. For the first time in 6 years I am having a lot of positive changes and I am sure that it will go on like this until everything has been resolved. She is a ball of energy with a positive outlook on life in general."


"I found myself in a very difficult situation at the end of last year here in London. I was anxious, burnout, and exhausted from the constant pressure at work. My body decided enough was enough. I could no longer move my left arm, not even to wave to the friendly neighbour and my hip had a constant niggling pain. This all had a knock-on effect on my sleep, weight, energy, and just not feeling my happy-go-lucky self anymore. I was kind of like a lost walking zombie. I contacted Johdi, and she listened to my worries and swiftly put together an easily achievable movement and eating plan to get this rickety body back on track. Not only that, Johdi provided me with an abundance of tools and resources that eased my anxiety and gave me hope. Thank you Johdi for being such a wonderful friend who has supported me, really listens to me, challenged me when I needed it, coached me out of this situation and always been there every step of the way."


" I became more aware of my body and what I needed to do in my everyday life. I’m now aware of my unique problem areas so I know what to work on – and I’m definitely feeling the benefits. Johdi is certainly passionate about keeping herself in the best shape possible through movement and diet as well as keeping mentally positive, and is passionate for others to do the same. And she makes it fun – unheard of!!!!!!!!!!!!"


"I remember thinking finally I met someone that's knows what they're talking about! I would say if you want results, Johdi's the person."


"Johdi has an excellent knowledge of the workings of the human being and a most intuitive sense of what may or may not be quite right. She appreciates that not all bodies adhere to the Master Plan and has a remarkable ability to adapt a textbook treatment to the individual. Not everyone can manage such tailor-made care"


"Before working with Johdi, I was frustrated and felt like there was no solution to my problem. Now, I trust myself, I know I can't push through the pain and fatigue. I see how everything works together."


"Johdi made me feel at ease from the start. She took the time to understand the causes of my pain and mobility issues and gave me tailored movements. I have really seen a difference, with a huge decrease in back pain and a massive increase in mobility."


"Johdi understands each problem and takes time to find out where it is stemming from so that you can manage and/or correct wrong postures and habits. She is very professional and approachable, and her sparkling personality makes it easy for anyone to work with her"


Want results like these for yourself?

How would it feel to know that you are

  • Becoming an active partner in your own healing, as you finally understand how all the pieces of YOUR body are connected and working?

  • Learning exactly what your unique body needs to feel healthy, supple and strong?

  • Losing your fear, pain, fatigue and irritability as you begin to walk your very own path back to strength and suppleness?

  • Embracing the latest science and research to serve your healing and strengthening?

  • Shifting your thinking from fragmented parts to a saner and simpler idea of whole-body - connectedness?

  • Getting out of survival mode, as you learn to identify how your body can work WITH you, instead of against you!


At the end of the day, what it really comes down to is this:

The reason that you haven't got the results that you crave is because the methods you have been using haven't been properly tailored to your unique body! Things can be different and I'm going to show you how, because this not about fitness or exercise. This is about retraining how your brain controls your movement patterns.


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