Finally uncover the root cause of your pain and enjoy lasting, unparalleled results!

I've been choosing my clients carefully since 2009, and I've helped hundreds of people to date.

I work best with people who 

  • are open-minded, enjoy a good laugh, and all whilst being driven, determined and coach-able.
  • understand that their health and well being is their greatest gift, and that when they are in top form, the people they love are happier.
  • are ready to invest, time, money and effort into getting better by doing the work, and following the systems that I know will suit them best.

Here's how to work with me

Work with me privately

Enjoy the rapid progress and outstanding results that come with having 1, 2 or 3 sessions with me per month. You'll get 60 minutes of treatment to quickly and effectively resolve your body pain, followed by a tailor- made corrective exercise video that takes a few minutes to perform and which you access from a custom-designed online library of therapeutic resources.

You'll be able to enjoy an end and end-to-end programme that takes all of you into account in a holistic way; I'll analyse your habits, calm your nervous system and reverse engineer your faulty movement patterns. You will know exactly what to do week to week so that you get out of pain and learn how to keep your, unique body out of pain. 

If you are done living in a body that hurts,are looking for lasting relief from your discomfort, as well as the effectiveness of a science-backed methodology,that you wish you'd known about 10 years go, then this option is for you!

To get started, book in for a full body assessment session using the button below.


Learn how you can help yourself

Invest in yourself with my self-service, online course. Here I'm giving you the 5 Step System that is The Ultimate Full Body Tune Up for Total Va Va Voom!

With short, simple video tutorials, you'll learn how to stand, how to walk, how to breathe and neutralise the spine, as well as how to mobilise your spine, which are all the things that people don't realise that they're doing wrong every day, all day. So, to counteract that, this is all about teaching your brain to rebuild good movement habits that will progrssively rewire your bad ones. 

If you are a 40+ woman and are looking to get back to doing the basics well, are curious to see how your body is designed to move, you can self-motivate to get and stay consistent, and enjoy learning on your own time and in your own space, then this is for you!


Join a Weekly Group Class

Come and join one of my Restorative Movement Classes!

The focus here is on building back/maintaining your body’s function, aka keeping you moving as fully as possible, in all the ways that your body is designed to for minimal damage, injury and pain, and for maximum, mobility, flexibility, strength and tone!

I use Pilates, body-weight movements, martial arts, animal flow and other modalities to keep the classes varied and effective.

This is for you if you are 40 and over, want to learn how your body is actually designed to move. You also want to get/stay fit and flexible as you age, and you are open-minded, enjoy a good laugh and like a different, counter-intuitive approach.

FOR MORE INFO EMAIL [email protected]

Here's what kind of results you can expect when you work with me

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