At LBP, we offer a variety of classes for all levels.

Classes change every week, and use both body-weight movements and equipment to keep things interesting.

No matter which class you choose, you’ll get an effective, full-body workout that leaves you feeling energized, connected to your body and more aware of your movement-- even after you leave the studio.

Whether you’re on the mat or flying high in the hammocks, you can expect intelligent movement that lengthens your musclesstrengthens your core, tones your entire body, and reduces back and joint pain.


Our Classes



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Pilates Flex : This beginner’s class is perfect for those who are new to Pilates or who want to ease back into exercise after an injury. But be warned: beginner doesn’t mean easy-breezy, breathy and relaxing! You’ll learn the basics of Pilates while strengthening your muscles and discovering new movements to challenge your body. 

Pilates Flow : This dynamic intermediate course is designed for those who have the basics down and are ready to challenge themselves with more energetic movement. As each exercise flows into the next one, you’ll engage more muscles for longer, finding even more strength and length in your movement.

Pilates Fit : This high-energy intermediate-advanced class is for those who want to put some power in their Pilates. A fast-paced, energizing flow of exercises warms up the body, works your cardio and flexes those muscles while building flexibility from head to toe.

Pilates Lunch : Pilates Lunch is specially designed for office workers who sit at a computer all day and need a quick, full-body workout without taking too much time (or getting too sweaty!). Get ready to open up and stretch your entire body, while working your core, back and shoulders to beat the computer hunch. This break in your day will help you empty your mind while filling up your energy bank, so you feel refreshed and reinvigorated when you get back to your desk.


Flying Yoga : Ready to fly? This playful aerial yoga class takes Yin & Yang yoga to the air. Using silk hammocks for support, you’ll move, stretch and invert your body in a whole new way. All levels are welcome-- the only requirements for this class are an open mind and a sense of fun!

Flying Pilates : Combining the precision of pilates with the anti-gravity benefits of aerial yoga, this unique class is unlike anything else in the La Côte region. You’ll discover core muscles you never knew you had, while exploring new ways of moving your entire body. Challenging, yet supportive-- exercise doesn’t get much smarter than this!


Reformer Privates : These private classes use a Pilates reformer machine and 1:1 instruction to give you a versatile workout that’s customized to your body’s needs. Perfect for rehab after an injury, the reformer offers precision and support for safe, controlled movement. With an unlimited combination of exercises and settings, the reformer adjusts to where you are-- and helps you get where you want to go.

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