Here at LBP, we believe in optimising your movement so that you can get good at life. We're not interested in what you do for movement, we're interested in how you do it and whether it's the right movement for your, unique body at the moment. We don't want you to stop CrossFit, or Running, or Skiing because your back, hips or knees hurt too much, we want to give you the tools to optimise your body, and maintain that state of being, so that you can enjoy all of your activities to the full!

That's why we're only interested in techniques that get to the root cause of your pain, rather than just treating the symptoms. We're interested in changing your motor control system, and building new, different, and healthier movement patterns, so that the pains you have disappear and don't come back, and, if they do, we want to make sure you know exactly what to do to eradicate them!

So choose from a one-off Neurokinetic Therapy Session here

Or choose from a series of sessions with our body optimisation package. 

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