Why You Need a Therapist with X-Ray Vision for Pain Relief

Uncategorized Aug 15, 2023

Did you know that your core runs from your skull all the way to the soles of your feet?

So, when you're trying to strengthen your core and you're banging away with traditonal abdominal crunch exercises, or planks, you are both wasting your efforts, because you're working on a tiny, isolated section of the whole, and you're probably making things worse, because I find the jaw, or the feet are often responsible for your back pain, and not your weak abdominals?!

So, when you work with me, you'll soon feel the difference in the way I am treating your body as an interconnected whole, rather than disparate parts, and you can expect to start to feel these connections yourself, plus, you can say goodbye to the typical, and very boring, classic core strengthening moves - yippee!

The ability to zoom out and see how all the various parts of the whole are interconnected, and therefore treat you in a holistic way that takes everything into consideration is what I like to call X-Ray Vision.

I have X-ray vision! I'm not a witch, but I do have a witch-like ability to heal you because I can peel back the layers of tissues, muscles, tendons and ligaments in my mind's eye to form a picture of where your physical pain is coming from.

So, instead of treating the site of your pain, I can go upstream or downstream from that pain site, and treat the root cause of the dysfunction, meaning that the pain you're experiencing, along with a whole host of dysfunctons that you didn't know you had, also clear up!

I have this ability thanks to years of training in Immaculate Dissection which is the brain child of a the amazing Kathy Dooley who teaches Human Anatomy, among many other things, at prestigious universities in the US.

Unlike those days of picking apart a poor, dead frog in Human Biology class, Immaculate Dissection refers to a teaching method that focuses on a deep and detailed understanding of human anatomy, particularly the relationships between different muscles, bones, joints, and other structures within the body.

The goal of Immaculate Dissection is to enhance the knowledge and awareness of healthcare practitioners, like me so that you get a better assessment, more tailored treatment, and cutting edge rehabilitation techniques.

By having a deep understanding of anatomy and how different structures interact, I can

  • design more effective treatment plans
  • address movement dysfunctions
  • help you to help yourself by showing you how to get your body out of pain and keep it that way.

For example, I'm working on a couple of clients who have a frozen shoulder. This painful, debilitating condition is notoriously hard to treat and most practioners, will tell the patient to take pain-relieving drugs and keep the shoulder still so as not aggravate the inflammation.

But, what I find, is that, when this is what people do, thinking that they're doing themselves a favour, they are then, as a result of not moving their arm well, not moving their same-side hip well, nor their same-side knee, nor foot well, and so, what started out with a painful shoulder, becomes a painful right side of their body!

I treat the shoulder by treating everywhere that that shoulder touches or interacts. Which means I'll treat the jaw, the neck, the foot, as well as look at how the person breathes, and how they hold and grip objects, because all those structures are being impacted.

One of the frozen shoulder clients, who had been out of action for a good few years due to this recurring shoulder injury, is now pain-free and able to swim again, after a few months of treatment with me!

When you invest in working with me, you can expect results like these.

This X-ray vision is just one of the many tools that I use to help my clients. To tell me more about your issues, and to find out how I can help you, book in a call with me here.

When you book in a call with me there is no obligation. It is instead a valuable 45 minutes of your time that allows you to finally be seen and heard properly, and therefore an excellent opportunity to understand where your pain is stemming from, and how, with my methods, you can treat it at its source in an effective and long-lasting way!



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