Why You Haven't Been Able to End Your Back Pain: Effective Strategies and Tips

Uncategorized May 19, 2023

This is what happens in your body:

You fall out of a tree at 6 and hurt your shoulder, and your brain says to your body, don't worry, I have another path for you to follow so that you can keep lifting your arm.

Your parents think, wow, this kid bounced back fast! But the back pain has already started, you just don’t feel it yet.

You take a tumble from a horse at 13, crack your neck a bit, and bash your head badly, but physio on her neck and head, and some down time stop your aches and pains and bring your back to your former show jumping glory!

Your brain says, ok, abdominals, you're on the front of the body, you're kind of nearby, take over from the muscles that flex the neck okay? 'cos else this head won't stay upright, and we all know that that just won't do!

You think, my neck feels weird, and I can't quite swallow like before, but it'll pass. Maybe months, or even years later, you wonder, "By the way, is it normal that my neck is soooooo tired when I do those basic Pilates abs exercises... mmm?" And you have occasional back pain, but nothing severe enough to stop you moving really.

Then you have a C-section for baby number 1, who's breech, and you're in your early 30s, so you walk right out of the hospital and carry, nurse and nurture that infant, and noone offers it to you, and you don't ask for pelvic floor rehab, because your beautiful child exited via the sunroof, and you're both flourishing.

Your brain says, woah, this is major surgery, all hands on deck! Back muscles to the fore, stabilise and whatever you do, don't let her twist or bend like before, because the buttress roots have been severed! But you are loving your Yoga classes, feeling so good in your body and don't realise that you're using all the wrong muscles to get into the Boat, or Cobra, or Pigeon poses! And again, you’re experiencing more frequent back pain, but you’re convinced that more Yoga will help!

You think, maybe years later, mmm, maybe I should start doing Kegels like all these people keep talking about, and why the hell do I now have constant back pain... maybe I should switch to Barre classes, or Yin Yoga, because those back bends might be the problem...?

You see where I'm going with this? Is it making you take a trip down your own kinetic memory lane?

Are you harking back to that ankle sprain in 1998, was it? or 1999? Was it the right foot, or the left?

It matters! All those bumps, falls, surgeries, scrapes and knocks add up, and affect your body... forever onwards. (Don't freak, there's a solution to your back pain, hip pain, knee pain etc coming, so stay with me!)

Each time your body is knocked, your movements will be affected, BUT, because your clever brain, mysteriously efficient organ that it is, can't stand a vacuum, it'll simply recruit other muscles to do the job of the muscles that are now out of order.

But it's not as efficient as before, and so this new, neural loop will break down, and so the brain will call on other muscles to fill the growing gap, and that new cobbled-together compensation pattern will eventually break down, and your brain will recruit other muscles to the rescue... and so on and so on...

And so the cycle continues until you realise that no amount of traditional body work is helping you anymore, because the root cause hasn't been identified.

And that leaves you in pain, frustrated and increasingly less mobile, supple and limber - YUCK!

And that's where I come in! I specialise in helping you to finally uncover the root cause of your pain (be that back pain, neck pain, hip pain etc) and treating it so that it doesn't come back again.

I'll get to the bottom of what's bugging you!

  • My Gait Analysis skills mean that, as you walk into my studio here in Switzerland, or my online Zoom room, I can see how each phase of the way your walk is right or wrong, and what kind of signals that’s sending to the rest of your body.
  • My X-ray vision allows me to peel back your skin in my mind’s eye, to be able to hone in on the underlying muscle groups involved in those faulty movement patterns.
  • My Neurokintetic Therapy skills help me to assess precisely which muscles are working too much, and which muscles are not working enough so that I know where to release tension, and where to encourage a muscle to work harder.
  • My rehabilitative Pilates training will gently exercise your body back to strength and tone.

It's a process that my clients like to call 'MAGIC!'

And though it's not really magic—but rather a decade+ of experience analysing and correcting movement patterns for probably hundreds of people by now—it certainly *feels* magical for my clients. (Especially if they've been struggling with chronic back pain since what feels like 1922!!!) 

 So, if you're ready to believe that you are fixable, if you're ready to trust that you are not irreparably broken, then click here and let's have a chat.

Just this week, I helped a client who's neck had stopped working, and so she was essentially lifting her head with the cunning use of her left inner eye muscle - I SHIT YOU NOT!

I find weird, wonderful, but more importantly for you, essential links between the movements you make and the muscles that are/aren't making them possible for you, I reverse engineer them, and then delete them from your brain so that you are no longer tempted to stray from the path of proper movement again!

So, hit me up here for a chat, or hit reply and ask your questions.


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