Finding Long-Lasting Relief: A Different Approach to Back Pain.

Uncategorized May 19, 2023

Yesterday I treated a client whose shoulder and neck have been stiff, sore, stuck since ... forever! She was in pain ‘everywhere’, but was most fatigued, frustrated and just ‘done’ with her constant back pain.

Sound familiar?

She put the cause of this nagging back pain down to hunching her shoulders at work, or the fact that she holds her stress in her neck and shoulders, and so thought that might provoke her back pain, and, whilst that's defo not a good posture to hold, or healthy habit to form, it only explains some of the problem behind her back pain.

If I was looking for what, I'd have had my answer; sore shoulder, feels tight, clients says it feels stuck, give it a massage, should be good = no more back pain….

But no actually, by working through my protocol, I found that her upper back muscles were weak, her brain couldn't find them anymore, and so, as our bodies do in the name of efficiency, (not to be confused with efficacy) is it had gone right over to the opposite side of her body, and decided to put extra pressure, and added workload onto her hamstring (big muscle at the back of her thigh). This dysfunction was the real cause of her back pain!

It was giving the back of her thigh muscle a good massage that allowed her back muscle to come back to life, and, because that back muscle comes within range of some of the muscles that allow us to pull and push our shoulders, her shoulder felt freer too! Goodbye back pain!

This is how I work: I hear you when you explain the what, in this case, “my shoulder and neck hurt, aaaand, my back pain has now become so chronic, I don’t think it’s fixable, but thought I’d let you know anyway” (Normal, peeps have often tried so many different types of therapy that they’ve come to terms with their pain by the time they get to me)…but then I ask myself why and go looking for that root cause of things. 

It means that weird and wonderful combinations like the one above are uncovered every day for me, but more importantly, it means that you are being treated in a way that gets long-lasting results. And you can finally, finally end your back pain, and keep it ended!

So, if you are more interested in fixing the why, than wasting time on the what, then I can help you!

Want to work with me? 

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